3D Tray Clock Ex.

3D Tray Clock Ex. 2.1.1

A 3D clock which can replace the Windows tray bar clock

3D Tray Clock Ex. is a timekeeping tool that replaces the regular Windows clock with an advanced and customizable clock and calendar. One of the main features of the 3D Tray Clock Ex.

program is the alarm, which can be set to remind the user of important events or to signal the current time, playing alarm sounds at every quarter hour, half hour or full hour.

Users can define the sound they want to play for all the alarms and also decide the alarm type, which can be either Once or Recycle. The 3D Tray Clock Ex.

also has an integrated ToDo List which can be accessed and edited easily, as well as Desktop Clock and Calendar with several changeable skins.

Users will also be able to access the more common functions through an integrated menu. The 3D Tray Clock Ex. provides users with an alternative to the common Windows clock and calendar.